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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Warning : This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical.


Different types of Coil for Pod System Part 2

Salt Nicotine  Does Not Need High Temperature

Salt Nicotine is specially designed to evaporate and deliver nicotine effectively at low temperatures, so it doesn't take that much energy.

When you use a coil below 1 ohm for nic salt, your pod will transmit the higher wattage. Because that's what the pod system maker designed for.

For example, when you use a 1.4 ohm coil, the pod will send 11 watts to heat the coil. But when you use a 0.7 ohm coil, the pod will deliver 20 watts.

This more power will evaporate the nicotine salt more effectively, resulting in greater cloud, flavor and nicotine kick.

Sounds interesting???

Wait a minute bro. Cloud and thicker flavors are fine, but the harder nicotine kick can be dangerous.

If you use coil> 1 ohm with nicotine salt 30mg and sometimes you get dizzy then when you use coil <1 ohm you will be dizzy very quickly. Yes, the taste is thicker, but the nicotine that comes in will be much higher.

You can get nicotine poisoning, because nicotine is not designed to evaporate at that high temperature.

But again, everyone's resistance is different. If you've tried 50 mg and still haven't tasted anything, then using a <1 ohm coil or increasing the wattage (if available) might help you find the nicotine you need.

For most people, I would not recommend using coils below 1 ohm with salt nic over 30mg.

Pod System With Adjustable Wattage
So now we discuss pod systems with adjustable watts. If you are using a coil below 1 ohm, then you can tell the pod not to send too much power, as you can adjust it yourself.

So if you use a coil below 1 ohm, you set it to the lowest indicator, it doesn't taste anything, you raise it 2, it feels the same, you raise another 1, the flavor increases but the chest starts to get tight.

You wish you could use a setting between 2 to 3, but you can't because it's set permanently in the pod system.

Coil> 1 Ohm With Nicotine Freebase
Yes, but not recommended. Usually coils above 1 ohm have a smaller hole to absorb liquid. Because nicotine salts are more fluid their holes need not be large, because if they are too big the cotton is too wet and can cause spitback.

Conversely, coils below 1 ohm usually (but not always) have bigger holes or more holes, because the liquid freebase is thick and harder to absorb so they make the holes bigger so the liquid absorbs faster.

If you use a coil below 1 ohm with nic salt, then besides you get a thicker flavor (don't forget the nicotine salt which is much stronger too) you actually have the potential to flood the liquid in the coil and this can cause spitback.

How To Use Coil <1 Ohm With Freebase
n general I would still suggest using a dilute freebase like 50 PG or 40 PG. Even so, the pod system designer must have tried 30 PG. But you should avoid max VG because it will be difficult for cotton to absorb. Max VG = very thick.

In addition, even though the power delivered is greater and uses nicotine freebase, the taste and kick of nicotine will not match the RDA.

Just imagine, usually you need 40 watts for mod + RDA + freebase nicotine liquid. While the pod system is usually stuck at 20 watts.

So if you want to use freebase liquid in coil <1 ohm then:

Use a minimum of 30 PG liquid, don't use max VG.
Nicotine at least 6mg. Since the nicotine kick will not be felt at 3mg, remember the energy to vaporize liquid is not great in the pod system.
Don't expect the taste to be the same as mod + RDA. Usually nic salts use more flavoring to get around the small wattage.
Make sure you use the <1 ohm coil specifically reserved for freebase.

So, the conclusion???

Coil above 1 ohm for salt nicotine.
Coil under 1 ohm for freebase.

You can use coil <1 ohm for salt nicotine , then  you can unconsciously get nicotine poisoning. Plus, there's a higher chance of a spitback.

Coils above 1 ohm should not be used for freebase, there will be no taste, nicotine kicks in and has the potential to burn faster.

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